Voice & Communication



Do you communicate with your entire being?

Excellent acting training teaches that the best and most compelling work comes from a place of motivation and purpose. The character in the play must be believed. The same is true about you and your personal communication as you are the character in the play of your life. When you know your purpose and what motivates you, your voice will flow freely. You will naturally project your sound, and people will listen. 

Are you breathing?

It’s incredible how little we really breathe. We only breathe enough to survive. We don’t breathe enough to communicate.

Together, you and I will work on grounding your breath. We will rediscover what it means to breathe in your center. You will engage your core. You will breathe, once again, as you did when you were born. Have you ever heard of a baby losing its voice? Babies breathe through their centers and scream for days. They never lose their voices, and they are remarkably loud.

The Payoff

  • You will be a better listener.

  • You will be a better speaker.

  • You will communicate with your whole being: spirit, soul and body.



I have developed workshops to address the following:

  • how to listen so others want to speak

  • how to speak so others want to listen

  • how to navigate the high-stakes conversation

  • how to bring all of yourself to the table

Workshops can last half or whole days and are tailored to your needs.

Past clients include: Cottonwood Church (non-profit); Counter Culture Coffee, NYC; Joe Coffee, NYC; Pivotal Solutions; Alix Partners.


I would love to work with you one-on-one. Together, in hour-long increments, we find your natural, most authentic voice. The voice with which you were created. This is perfect for those who feel they aren’t listened to or for those who feel they need to speak up more. Contact me to get in touch.


“Raji reminded us of the importance of being present and how that helps in bringing good intentions when we communicate with each other, especially under high pressures.”

—Sophia, New York City

“It is one thing to make someone a better speaker, but it is special when you help someone become a better person. My sessions with you have been beyond helpful, and I am a better because of you.”

—Anthony, Los Angeles

“I picked up more than just a few good tips around the mechanics of speaking.  Raji’s technical experience, combined with his passion for helping people learn to communicate with the entirety of their being, unlocked something within me that I didn’t even know existed.”

—Ryan, Los Angeles


Private lessons:

  • $100/lesson or $400/5 lessons

Corporate Workshops